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Data dodania: 04.01.2018 | Aktualizacja: 04.01.2018, 11:17:29

Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowo - Zawodowa "Places and Technologies"

Dear Colleague,


On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the 5th International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies - "PT2018: Keeping up with technologies to adapt cities for future challenges", to be held on 26th and 27th April 2018 in Belgrade (Serbia), we are pleased to invite you to participate and give your scientific and professional contributions to the aims of the Conference.


You are welcome to meet multinational participants from all over Europe and beyond, from different fields.


The goal is to integrate efforts by linking different disciplines in considering successful and holistic concepts in the development, design and construction of cities, buildings and infrastructure that will be able to respond to future challenges.


The best scientific papers will be published in high ranked international journals and international monograph, as is already the practice of previous years. The Conference will publish Book of Abstracts and Conference Proceedings.


For the first time, the P&T Conference supports the submission of professional papers and provides their publication in the Proceedings of professional papers. The aim is to launch and enable the presentation of concrete design concepts and realizations in the field of urban design and planning and design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, as well as the presentation of the construction industry - various products, systems and construction technologies.


More information about the Conference, topics and submission details you can find on the web site http://www.placesandtechnologies.eu/